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Witness who testified: Harriet Belote (page 1-8), Sadie Belote (page 8-14), Mrs. George N. Wright (Pauline Belote), (page 14-17), Mrs. Brittania Stewart (page 17-21), Mrs. John Hughes (page 21-24), Lucy White (page 24-26), Mrs. Rosa Belle…

Grand Jury indictment of Virginia Christian for the murder of Ida Belote.

Witnesses who testified for the prosecution (in order of appearance): Dr. George K. Vanderslice (page 1-3), R.D. Hope (page 3-4), Leslie Curtis, Jr. (page 4-5), Leroy Sinclair (page 5), B.L. Poindexter (page 5-6), John C. Cahill (page 6-7), Lucy…
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