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"Nothing That Was Worthy in The Past Departs".

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"Nothing that was worthy in the past departs" Campbell County's Homecoming, as proclaimed by Campbell County Board of Supervisors, May 15-29, will be celebrated by Brookneal Woman's Club May 18 with a tour of historic homes and churches of the County. Block Tickets - Adult $1.50 each, children $.75 each. Individual Tickets 50 cents each. Tickets on sale at all places except Hat Creek Presbyterian Church. Box lunches may be procured at Community House in Brookneal or Quaker Meeting House at $1.50 each. Snack Bar at White Hall in the old rock kitchen. (sandwiches, etc.) Brookneal Community House, the building given the town by our neighbor, friend Mr. Bruce. Here you will find antiques of interest to this area collected for the occasion by members of the Woman's Club. Hat Creek Church is the oldest church in the County and here the first settlement in what is now Campbell County was made by John Irvin. This one place is worth the price of your ticket. The hostesses will be descendants of John Irvin. You will find brochures of intimate bits of history of the region, of Indian raids, of old homes in the area. Then you will find in the recreation room of the church treasured relics of members of the church. ROCK HOUSE The walls of the house are three feet thick, built of native stone. It is unique in its architecture, much of the beautiful carving having been done by Hessian Soldiers who were imprisoned in the jail in the basement, the jail built by John Alexander for unruly slaves. This is now owned by Dr. and Mrs. Hoofle. SHADY GROVE was built by Captain Spotswood Henry, a son of Patrick Henry, and is one of the oldest and most beautiful homes in the County. Don't miss it. It is now owned by the H.H. Dotson family. WHITE HALL is an old colonial home built by Phillip Payne and now owned by Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Bridell. The points of beauty and historic interest are many. STAUNTON View is another old home built by one of the Paynes who were very prominent in the early history of the County as well as large land owners. It is now the home of Senator and Mrs. Mosby Perrow. This is another one you mustn't miss. GREEN HILL - nothing around Williamsburg surpasses this as a type of the life of Colonial Virginia. The house built by Moses and William Fuqua is older than the nation. Here you will find the brick manor house, the slave block and the beautiful rock dependencies. Each room is hand carved. Meet your friends there and see for yourself its beauties.Old Quaker Meeting House - the early history of Campbell County was woven around its churches. This was the third oldest settlement in the County and made by the Quakers led by Sarah Lynch, one of whose descendants, John Lynch, founded Lynchburg. The hostesses, the 18th, will give you its history which will help you to appreciate the contribution of the sturdy Quakers.