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History of Trinity United Methodist Church, Poquoson, Virginia: 1882-1982, Part 3 of 3.

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The 1st conference at Trinity on 11 January 1908, found Epworth League of 150 members doing good work. The sunday school was "well officered" with a good corps of teachers and well attended. A spelded [splendid] Christmas entertainment was given during the preceding holidays. The Rosebuds were flourishing.

The people of the charge last year gave to missions an average of 16 1/8 cents each and an effort will be made to bring the charge up to 30 cents this year.

At the 3rd conference in 1908, Epworth League Officers were listed as Littleton Insley, First Vice President, James Bradshaw, Second Vice President, Mrs Ethel Watkins Third Vice President, Mrs Melissa Quinn, Secretary, Lemuel Forrest, Treasurer.

The last Conference at the parsonage on November 9, 1908, reported that Trinity had been painted and that a large new organ had been purchased.

The pastor thanked the congregation for a pounding at the parsonage. For those who never heard of the custom, this was something usually much appreciated by the ministers family. The church members showered their minister and his family with a pound of various food stuffs to help fill up his pantry. This was in an era when most of the congregation either caught (from the water or woods) or planted their food supplies. Every housewife cured her own meat and canned her garden produce, and at pounding time, the fruits of their labors were shared with the parsonage family.

In February 1909 the pastor reported that the 200 which he had hoped to have the two (Trinity and Tabernacle) Epworth Leagues raise during the year had been oversubscribed.

Later in the year, Trinity Church was reported as fireproof as possible and insured for 250,000.

The first meeting in 1914 found the church part of the Norfolk District.

Trinity had collected 39.65 for the Prohibition League and it had been sent to Richmond, the Social Services Committee listed members IH Lawson, JT Evans , WK Forrest, Gertie Buchanan, Cotha Forrest, Victoria Freeman, and Rosanna Pauls.

The First Quarterly Conference of 1930 noted that Dr. R.H. Potts was Presiding Elder and H.L. Hastings was the minister. The value of Trinity buildings was $55,800.00. A.D. Page was elected Secretary for the Sunday School and AJ Page was elected Treasurer for the School. It was noted that Trinity moved into its new sunday school building in 1932. RA Harvey died and was replaced by John R. Lawson.

Many of the books and papers covering Trinity's history were held for a long time by Mr. W.R. Bob Manning Holloway. When he felt no longer able to carry the responsibility, he carried them to Carroll T. Forrest with the request that the guardianship be maintained. Those papers treasured so long by Mr. Holloway are in the steel, fire proof cabinet in the church building. 70