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History of Trinity United Methodist Church, Poquoson, Virginia: 1882-1982, Part 3 of 3.

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Choir Chairs.... In Memory(M) or/in Honor(H) of: Donor Sharon Kay Halloway (M) Family Billy Ray Lockard Jr. (M) Family Mr./Mrs. Thomas Kea (M) Mr./Mrs. Tom Diggs Sr. Mr./Mrs. Jack Martin Sr. (M) Mrs. Adrian Mckinstry Wm. Thomas Watkins Sr. (M) Family Miss Anna Belle Holloway (H) Mother & Father & Lester Reed Holloway (M) Mr./Mrs Rob Quinn (M) Mr./Mrs. Vance Quinn James Thomas Berry (M) Mrs. Lavenia Berry Mr./Mrs. Estrich W. Page Sr. (M) Children Mr./Mrs. R. S. Holloway (M) Mr./Mrs. E. B. Lawson Mr./Mrs. E. S. Lawson (M) Mr./Mrs. E. B Lawson Mr./Mrs. Tommy Messick Sr. (M) Children Mrs. Mary M. Joyner (M) W. W. Joyner & Family C. Grayson Topping Sr. (M) Mrs. Amelia Topping/Family Arthur J. Page (M) Arnold Page Mrs. Blanche Page (M) Arnold Page Lemuel Evans Sr. (M) Mrs. Lemuel Evans Sr. and Lemuel Evans Jr. (M) Esther Marie Proctor (H) Mr./Mrs Alton M. White and Wallie Gene White (H) Jamie/Laurie Lender (H) Grandparents-Mr./Mrs. James Teague Mrs. Bertha Bunting (H) Nell, Verlyn & Edna Mrs. Rosa R. Watkins (M) Stepfather & Mother and Mr. Tom Rollins (M) Son & Family Eudora Belle Amory Forrest (M) Col./Mrs. Richard and Howard Garland Forrest Sr. (M) G. Cox & Family (4 chairs) Mrs. Wm. L. Luthie Mrs. Agnes Carmines (H) Daughter Mr./Mrs. Rollins Children {Mary Sterling} Mr./Mrs. J. Frank Bunting (H) Grandchildren Mrs. Marion Page (M) Emmett Page, Mrs. Chester Koontz & Mr./Mrs. Duane Holloway Mr./Mrs. Alton White (H) Children Mrs. Mary Paul (H) Mr./Mrs. Normal Paul Mr./Mrs. John A. Forrest (M) Mr./Mrs Elwood Forrest Mrs. Winifred Amory DeAlba (M) Col./Mrs. Gordon Cox Mrs. Evelyn Clark (M) Col./Mrs. Gordon Cox 73