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History of Trinity United Methodist Church, Poquoson, Virginia: 1882-1982, Part 3 of 3.

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Officers and Committee Members elected by Church Conference for 1982 Lay Leader and Lay Member of Annual Conference-Arnold Page Reserve Member of Annual Conference-A. V. Holloway Jr. Chairperson of Council on Ministries-A. V. Holloway Jr. Work Area Chairpersons: Worship-Everett Jordan Jr. Education-J. Thomas Cheatham Evangelism-E.W.Page jr. Missions-Mrs. Joe (Ann) Arcovitch Church and Society-Herman McMahan Stewardship-Mrs. J. L. (Ethel) Forrest Age Level Coordinators: Family-Mr. and Mrs. Samuel (Louise) Barton Children-Mrs. Ballard (Mary) Quinn Youth-Mrs. J. W. (Joyce) Holloway Adult-Mrs. John (Mary J.) Henley Youth Members of the Council on Ministries: Misses Angela Huggett and Amy Barr Young Members of the Council on Ministries: Vernon Krueger Jr. Trustees: Class of 1982-R. Gordon Cox, Wallie G. White, Obie Page Class of 1983-C. T. Forrest, James Teague, Melvin Watkins Class of 1984-Ramon Barr, G. S. Forrest Jr., Judson Lane Church Treasurer-Carroll T. Forrest Assistant Treasurer-A. Samuel Banton Financial Secretary-Mrs. Ivey (Geraldine) Holloway Membership Secretary-Mrs. James (Virginia) Huggett Superintendent Church School-Danny L. Watkins Health and Welfare Representative-Mrs. James (Jocelyn) Holloway Sr. Recording Secretary-Ms. Nancy Forrest Lane Pastor-Parish Relations Committee; Judson Shackelford, Chairman Members: Charles Yokum, Godwin White, Gordon Helsel, Herman McMahan, J. W. Diggs, Mrs. Charles (Jeannie) Sibbers, Ronald Ward, Mrs. James (Betty) Walker. Finance Committee: Charles Conrad, Chairman Members: Carroll T. Forrest, A. Samuel Banton, Mrs. Sidney (Hilda) Holloway, Melvin Watkins, Wallie G. White, Charles Yokum, Mrs. Charles (Jean) Yokum, Robert Butler, Mack Burcher. Members at Large of the Administrative Board: John W. Bunting, Chairman Members: Ramon Barr, Frank A. Taylor, Mrs. Melvin (Susan) Holloway, Mrs. Jerry (Bessie Lou) Stone, John S. Carmines, Moody Topping, Mrs. Brenda Simpson, Mrs. Burgess(Gladys) Lawson, Mrs. Billy (Anna Lou) Lockard, Howard Evans, Gordon Helsel, G. S. Forrest Jr., Robin Lawson, Wesley Newcomb, Mrs. Jackie (Loie) Diggs, Mrs. Asa (Annette) Forrest, Ronald Ward, Charles Yokum, C. E. Ward, Don Sauve, Mrs. Rupert (Maxine) Johnson, John W. Forrest Jr., Aaron Johnson, Brent Rollins, Mrs. Shirley Pauls, Danny Watkins, Gene Barr, Mrs. Cora Everhart, Jack Stone. 74