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History of Trinity United Methodist Church, Poquoson, Virginia: 1882-1982, Part 3 of 3.

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Hermitage Guild Key Person: Mrs. James (Jocelyn) Holloway Sr. Librarian: Mrs. William (Mary Jane) Graham Assistant Librarian: Miss Mary Carmines Higher Education: Mrs. Jackie (Loie) Diggs Lay Speaker: Judson Shakleford Assistant Superintendent Church School: Gordon Helsel Kindergarten Board: Rev. Clyde D. Nuckols St., Chairman Members: Mrs. Gordon (Dorabelle) Cox, Mrs. Charles (Pauline ) Leeper, Mrs. Ballard (Mary) Quinn, Mrs. Jerry (Bessie Lou) Stone, J. Thomas Cheatham. District Conference Delegates: Wallie G. White, Mrs. S. P. (Mary) Moore, Mrs. John (Matilda) Smith. District Conference Reserve Delegates: A.V. Holloway Jr., Mrs. Eddue (Mildred) Insley, Mrs E.W. (Goldie) Page. Audit Committee: H.. Gray Forrest, Mrs. Charles (Jean) Yokum. Builders Club Representative: Melvin L. Watkins Scouting Coordinator: Brent Rollins. Parsonage Committee: Miss Mary Carmines, Mrs. Villa (Verlyn) Watkins, Mrs. Charles (Roxie) Haight, G.S. Forrest Jr. Work Area - Education (at large): Mrs. Godwin (Dowell) White, David Hinds, Mrs. Wayne (Ann) Moore Work Area - Evangelism: Moody Topping, C.E. Ward, Robin Lawson, Mrs. E. W. (Goldie) Page, Mrs. John (Matilda) Smith, James Lewis, Mrs. Johnie (Vickie) Diggs, M.s. William (Sandra) Ruehl, Roman Rollins, Mrs. Roman (Dorothy) Rollins. Social Service Committee: Mrs. Eddie (Mildred) Insley, Chairperson. Members: Herman Forrest Mrs. N. O. (Nell) Pauls. Work Area - Worship: Mrs. Pryor (Dorothy) McPherson, Mrs. W. W. (Harriett) Forrest, Mrs. Clyde (Cathy) Nuckols, Mrs. John (Matilda) Smith, Mrs. Hammie (Ola) West, Mrs. Everett (Cindy) Jordan, Mrs. Gordan (Dorabelle) Cox. Work Area - Stewardship: Mrs. Harvey (Sylvia) Brown, Mrs. Eddie (Mildred) Insley, Mrs. John (Shirley) Pauls, Mrs. Roger (Betty) Messier, Mrs. W. C. (Ann) Forrest, Mrs. E. S. (Mary) Martin. Virginia Advocate Representative: Mrs. Brenda Simpson Communion Stewards: Mrs. John (Matilda) Smith and Mrs. E. W. (Goldie) Page. Church School Secretary - Mrs. Sidney (Hilda) Holloway. Representative to District Board of Missions: Mrs. Burgess (Gladys) Lawson Nomination Committee: Clyde D. Nuckols, Chairman Members: Mrs. Alex (Beverly) Gillikin, Mrs. James (Jocelyn) Holloway Sr., Miss Carey Bunting, Frank A. Taylor, Mrs. John (Shirley) Pauls, Mrs. Melvin (Nancy) Watkins, Harvey L. Brown, Everett Jordan Jr. Higher Education and Campus Ministry Committee: Mrs. Johnie (Vickie) Diggs, Mrs. Brenda Simpson, Mrs. Joseph (Jean) Nicosia Jr., Mrs. Ronald (Judy) Diggs, Mrs. Melvin (Susan) Holloway, Mrs. Edward (Sandy) Oder Jr. Mrs. William (Sandra) Ruehl, Mrs. Robert (Lisa) Wood. 75