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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 2b

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B Bernard vs Thomas 45 Ditto vs Lord 52 vs White ib. vs Brown ib. Burgess vs Fernsly 54 Battoe vs Jordian ib. Botts vs Battoe 55 Burgess vs Horton ib. vs Drew ib. Brent vs Hawkins 56 Bernard vs Carvice Exor. 52 Brett vs Davis 57 Bush vs Porter 59 Bows vs Burton 61 Bernard vs Patton 62 Bernard vs Lacys Admr 64 Brown vs Harding 64 Bernard vs French 65 Burgess's Servant adjudged 66 Bawmans admr qualified 67 Baxter's Exor vs Berryman's Exor 70 Bernard vs Mongomery 71 Bernard vs Lord 71 Burgess vs Fernsly 71 The Same vs Drew 72 Brent vs Hawkins 72

  • Beards Order vs Overall 76

Bows vs Burton 77


  • Bush vs Porter 76

The Same vs Fitzpatrick 76 Bows vs Burton 77 Bernard vs French 77 Barbys Negroe Adjudged 80 Burgesses Negroe ditto 81 Brown vs Harding 77 Byrams Order vs McRad 83 Brent vs Yelton 83 Baxters Exors vs Thortons Exors 83 Bernard vs Montgomy 85 The Same vs Lord 85 Burgess vs Fernsly 85 The Same vs Drew 86 Brent vs Hawkins 86 Bernard vs French 91 The Same vs Moss 93 The Same appd Ovrsr of Road 97 Baxter's Exor vs Berrymans Exors 100 Bernard vs Lord 102 Burgess vs Fernsly 102 The Same vs Drew 102 Bernard vs James 106 Buchanan vs Walker 108 The Same vs Hall 108 The Same vs McCant 108 Bernard vs Hall 110 The Same vs Cabbage 110