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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 3b

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B Brown vs. Hardwick 218. Bashel vs. Shape ib. Buchanan &coy vs. Moss 220. The Same vs. Green 220. The Same vs. Lewright 220. Battaley vs. Lucy 220. Buchanan &coy vs. Fleeman 221. Black vs. Duas 224. The Same vs. Wh[i]tcum 224. Bredwell vs. Harding 224. Black vs. Chinn 225. The same vs. Whitson Et al. 225. The same vs. Frazier 228. The same vs. Winlock 229. The same vs. Bussell 229. The same vs. Tiller 229. Bernard vs. Thomas 232. Bows vs. White 232. Bunbury vs. Brown 234. Bell vs. Bryan 234. Bernard vs. Rose 235. Bennett vs. Carter 239. Bailie vs. Hall 239. Black vs. Chinns 241. The same vs. Inglish 243. Ballaley vs. Dade 244. Blackwell vs. Payton 247. Black vs. Waugh 248. Bernard vs. Silvia 250. Black vs. Chinns 250. Berry's Admr qualified 253. Brumly vs. Stewart & uxor 254. Broox vs. O'Cain 255. Buchanan Et al. vs. Chinn 256. Bredwell vs. Ashby 256. Brown vs. Berrymans Exors 257.

B Bogle &coy vs. Hitching 259. The same vs. Connell 260. Brown vs. Rose 261. Boyd vs. Murry Et al. 261. Brown vs. Black 262. Brown vs. Hardwick 262. Bredwell vs. Harding 263. Black vs. Asbury 263. Same vs. Whitson 264. Same vs. Filler 264. Same vs. Groves 270. Same vs. Stribling 270. Same vs. Wells 270. Same vs. Pilcher 270. Same vs. Angel 271. Same VS Burton Et al 271 Bussell appd Constable 273. Bernard vs. Evans 278. Berryman's Exors vs. Massey's Adr 279. Black vs. Inglish 279. Bernard vs. Humston 280. Brown vs. Watson 281. Same vs. Perry Et al. 281. Same vs. Steplien 281. Brox vs. McDonald 282. Bredwell vs. Harding 285. Bogle &coy vs. Hitching 284. Boyd vs. Tyler 284. Bredwell vs. Harding 285. Brown vs. Thomas 286. Black vs. Williams 287. Bernard vs. Rose 288. Black, fined 289. Berryman's Exors vs. French's Adr 290. Banks vs. Grigsby 290. Bogle &coy vs. Connell 291.