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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 9a

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Hildrup vs Hogg 111 Hughs vs Grace ib Hunter vs Berryman's Exor 121 Holdbrooks order vs Dawson 128 Hardings order vs Fitzpatrick 134 Hinson's order vs Yelton 135 Hardings order vs Smallwood 135 Hurst vs Howard 138 Hughs vs Rowley 138 Hamilton vs Angel ib Howards order vs Staddurd 139 Hall vs Berry 145 Humston vs Humston Et al ib Hinson Et al vs Crap & uxr ib Hedgman qualified Surveyor asst 146 Honey vs Porter 150 Humston vs Humston Et al 151 Hurst vs Howard 153 Hooes ordy Licence renewd ib Harper vs Latham 154 Honey vs Porter 162 Howard vs Ralls 163 Hughs vs Peyton 165 Hughs order vs Waughs guard 166 Harper vs Latham 170 Hedges vs King 172 Hughs vs Ghent 176 Harrison vs Walkers Exors ib Humstons vs Humstons Et al 177 Horton vs Horton ib Hale's order vs Thornton ib Hume's ditto vs Fitzhughs admr 180 Hamptons do vs Spencer 182 Hooe's ditto vs ditto ib Harper vs Latham 183 Hildrup vs Williams 189 Hughs vs Ghent ib


Hollidays order vs Ponton 190 Hooe's Negroe adjd 191 Harrisons ditto ditto ib Heffernon vs Broox 196 Hornbuckle vs Clary ib Hornbuckles order vs Hornbuckle ib Hooe vs Berrymans Exors 197 Howard vs Hewitt 199 Same vs Harrison ib Holidays order vs Churchwardns 200 Harrisons vs Pratt ib Harding vs Burgess 201 The same vs Same 202 Hunter vs Chinn 203 Hedgman vs Phillips 215 Hunter vs Hamilton 218 Honey vs Ridings ib Hooe vs Berrymans Exors 226 Hardy's order vs Alexander 229 Holslaws ditto vs Mountjoy 230 Hollidays order vs Bowe 232 Hughs order vs White 232 Hunte's ditto vs Brown 234 Harding's Negroe adjd 236 Hortons ditto ditto 236 Hornbuckle vs Gill 248 Hall vs Berry 251 Howard vs Hewitt 255 Howard vs Harris 255 Hornbuckle vs Grisby 257 Hill vs Whitecutton 258 Harding vs Earle 259 Hunter vs Hamilton 262 Howard vs McQuatry 263 Hollands order vs Scaplin 264 Hooe vs Lane ib Hooe vs Thomas 271