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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 9b

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H Harrison vs Garrurd 276 Hunters Exors vs Hamilton 279 Harpers Order vs Knight 280 Hampton vs Payton 281 Harding vs Earle 283 Harding vs Broox 284 Hornbuckle vs Grigsby 290 Harding vs Black 296 Hornbuckle vs Grigsby 314 Harding vs Earle ib Holdbrook vs Payne 298 Hardings Orders Ashby 299 Hortons ditto vs Ditto 299 Hogg vs Knox 300 Hunter El al vs Berrymans Exor 301 Howard vs McQuatty 301 Hampton vs Payton 305 Hardie's Admr qualificd 305 Holdbrooks Order vs Holdbrook 307 Hurley vs Pratt 323 Hay Q'tam vs Caves Inspectors 325 Hunter's Exors vs Berrymans Exors 328 Hensons Order vs Birchetts Est 328 Hensons Order vs Swetman 330 Hardings Order vs Bredwell 329 Hardings ditto vs Waller 335 Holdbrooks Admr qualified 337 Herndons Order vs Thornton 338 Horton to be summoned ib Hardings Order vs McCullaugh 340 Harding vs Broox 341 Hunter vs Masseys admr 342 Hooe vs Williams 349 Hooe vs Masseys admr 354 Hunter vs The same 355 Harding appd. Constable 3 Hardy vs Pratt 369

I Inspectors took the Oaths 2 Inspector's Nominated 3 Joyce's Order vs Barber 4 Inspectors acct of Tobacco sold 8 Jame's Negroe adjudged 9 Jonson quald Admr vs Chesman 14 Justices recommended 27 Jeffrie appointed Constable 27 Johnson vs Pherson 36 Jones vs Cubbage 37 Hones vs Cubbage 44 Jonsons order vs Jones 45 Justices qualified 48 Johnson vs Stacy 70 Johnson vs Berrymans Exors 54 Jackson vs Kite 55 Inspectors Nominated 68 Justices not sworn to be summd 69 Johnson vs Berrymans Ekois 77 Jeffries Negroe adjudged 81 Jognson vs Berrymans Exors ib Johnson vs Phearson 70 & 91 Johnson vs Berrymans Exors 102 Johnsons Servant adjudged 110 Jacksons Admr qualified 113 Johnson vs Minor 120

  The same vs Berrymans Exors 121
      Same vs Lacy 122

Justice qualified 125 Inspectors nominated 126 Inglish's order vs Ocain 136 Johnson El at vs Kelly &ux 162 Justices qualified 179 Jones's order vs Lewright 179 Jeffries Negroe adjudged 202 Inspectors Nominated ib Justices qualified 191 Inspectors Accts. returned ib