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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 11a

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Latham vs Harper 159 Lunsfords Order vs Yelton 165 Latham vs Harper 171 Lewthwaite vs Hedgman 173 Latham vs Harper 183 Lewrights Ordy Licence granted 192 Latham appd overseer of Road 193 Levy Laid for 1752 194 Lalemore vs Combs 197 Liquors Rated 209 Lacy bound to the peace 228 Lunsford bound to the peace 228 Lewthwaite vs Hedgman 232 Lewrights Order vs Witherley 232 Luttrells ditto vs Graham 234 Leech vs Hamilton 235 Lyntons Admr qualified 236 Levy Laid for 1753 238 Lacys Admr qualified 242 Long vs Pilcher 247 Lyntons guardian vs Remy 247 Lunsford's Order vs Crop 251 Luttrells Order vs Graham 268 Leech vs Hamilton 311 Lynton vs Remy 318 Longs Order vs Tayloe 330 Lyntons Order vs Ratcliff 331 Levy Laid for 1754 334 Long bound to the peace 336 Lewrights Ordny Licence rend 338 Lunsford to Harding rel.[release] of Dower 384 Leech vs Hamilton 362 Leeright vs Berry 369 Lee vs Weathers ibid


Munroe vs Mahorner 3 Mehorne vs French Et al 4 Moss's Order vs Walker 5 Mountjoy qualfd Admr of Hunter 8 Masons Admrs vs Brooke's Exors 12 Machodach Creek to be cleared 13 Moss's Order vs Scoggin 15 Masons Admrs vs Brooke's Exors 16 Minor's Order vs Humphry 27 Minor's Order vs Elkin ib McGills will proved ib Martins Order vs Waugh 29 Mathews ditto vs Waugh ib Martins Admr qualified 30 Mills vs Carty 32 Mercer vs Grigsby 35 Munroe &coy vs James 39 Maxwell &coy vs Ramy 43 Munroe &co vs Anglesley 43 Millian set Levy free 47 Muncure appd overseer of Road 51 Massey vs Johnson 53 Millian vs Harding 54 Mass's Order vs Jordan 55 Mountjoy vs Holdbrook & ux. 56 Mahorne vs French 57 Maxwell &co. vs Ramy 63 Massey vs Johnson 67 Matheny vs Bails 69 Matheny vs Simpson 70 Millian vs Harding 71 Mortons order vs Stubblefield 73 Mauzy vs Walker & uxr 74 Mahorner vs French 73 Murrys Order vs Randall 78 Mauzy's ditto Horton 79