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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 12a

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Mills vs Mills 210 Massey vs Dunbarr 216 Mason vs Johnson 217 Mountjoys order vs Cox 217 Muse vs Ramy 226 McQuatty vs McAboy 225 Maxwell & Co'y vs Whitson 229 Mountjoy vs Ghent 230 McAboys Order vs Yelton 231 Muse's Order vs Russell 234 Massey's Guardian appd 236 Mason vs Johnson 236 Mills vs Sculcroft 238 Mercer vs Ashby 239 Mercer vs Copen ib McRae vs Chinn 243 McRae vs Angel 244 Maxwell & Coy vs Green ib The same vs Foster ib The same vs Nunn ib The same vs Cannady ib Masons Order vs Allen 247 McRedys admr vs Armstrong 249 McQuatty vs McAboy ib Massey vs Johnson 251 Mountjoy vs Ghent 251 Madden vs Kendall 254 McCullaugh vs Davis 255 Maxwell vs Byram 256 Muse vs Carter 257 Mauzy vs Helmes 259 Mercer's recommendation 261 Massey vs Dunbar ib Mason vs Johnson 259 Mathews vs Inglish 264 McQuatty vs Howard 265 Maxwell vs Heath ib


Maxwell vs Whitson 265 McAboy vs Jackson Et al 268 McGombry's Order vs Johnson ibid McRae vs Rogers ibid Massey's Admr qualified 269 Munroe vs Thomas 270 Munroe vs Murdock 271 Maddin vs Randall 274 & 275 McAboy vs Yelton 276 McAboy vs Asbury 282 McKeys Order vs Woodroe & Co. 284 Maxwell vs Byram ib Mathews vs English 288 Maxwell vs Horton 289 McReddys Admr vs Armstrong 288 Mitchel vs Davis ib Murdock fined 290 Muse vs Carter ib Mauzy vs Helmes 290 Mason vs Johnson 291 McCullaugh vs Bredwell 292 Maxwell & Co'y vs Honey 294 The same vs Heath ib Murphy vs Harding 296 Morson vs Gambell 298 Monroe vs Murdock 298 Mercer vs Baylis's admr 301 McQuatty vs Howard 301 Mills's Account 303 McRae vs Angel 306 Morson vs Gambell 307 Mannon vs Brown Et al. 309 Moncure vs Lemaster 309 McRae vs Yelton ib McAboys Order vs Holdbrook 310 Mitchel vs Davis 313 Mauzys Order vs Withers 315