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[Augusta County Census of "Colored" School Children].

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CENSUS OF PERSONS between the ages of Five and Twenty-one years in the Middle River School District of Augusta County, taken between the Age of Five and the Age of Twenty one, 1874 COLORED.

NAME OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN NAMES OF CHILDREN MALES AGE FEMALES AGE Morris, Eli Peter 15 Edward 8 Mary 7 Myers, Danl [Daniel] Howard 14 Fred. [Frederick?] 12 Berry 8 Ed. [Edward] 6 Mary A. 10 Miller, Henry Walter 7 Bettie 14 Sarah 9 Adaline 7 Mills, Sidney Wesley 16 Ambrose 13 Jno. [John] A. 8 Robt. [Robert] A. 5 Nelie 14 Rosa 12 Caroline 10 Lucinda 8 Alice 7 Morton, Geo. [George] Geo. [George] 13 Jno. [John] 11 Morton, Jerry Duglas 15 Vanburen 14 Chas. [Charles] 9 Fannie 17 Cora A. 5 Murry, Rachl [Rachel] Jno. [John] 16 Mickins, Jas. [James] Saml. [Samuel] J 5 Norris, Henry Henry S. 17 Mary B. 19 Nicholas, Lewis Taylor 20 Catharine 19 Nicholas, Eliza Cromoro 7 Priar, Robt [Robert] Nelie 6 Quarrels, Mary Jno. [John] 7 Mary J .12 Sarah J. 8 Ellen 7 Robinson, Saml [Samuel] Harrison 18 Saml [Samuel] 7

No. [Number] of Males 23 No. [Number] of Females 19 Total 42 No. [Number] brought forward 210 Total to be carried forward 252

I certify that the above Census is correct J Alex Kerr Township Assessor.

N.B - Fasten the leaves together at the top, and number the pages. It will then be sufficient for the Assessor to sign his name on the last leaf. (The Assessor is required by law to forward these papers, properly filled up, to the clerk of the Board of School Trustees of his Township. If the number of blank forms sent is not sufficient, add properly ruled pages of foolscap.)