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Augusta Stone Church Bulletin.

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Augusta Stone Church 1749-1922 Dedicated January 22, 1749 ALBERT SHULTZ STAUNTON, VA. There is no record of the length of time our forefathers were engaged in building the Old Stone Church. Under conditions then existing, it possibly took several years to collect the material and fashion it into such a building. The stones and timbers used were, likely, secured at no great distance from the site chosen for the building. Tradition says the sand for the mortar was carried by the women, on pack horses, several miles; not over good roads, but over rugged and ungraded bridle-paths. The work was well done, and the mortar became almost as hard as the stones it bound together. The church was completed and the dedication took place January 22, 1749, just one hundred and seventy-three years ago. Augusta Church has had ten pastors-the first four pastorates covering a period of one hundred and twenty years. Rev. John Craig was pastor from 1740-1774. Rev. William Wilson from 1780-1810. Rev. Conrad Speece from 1813 to 1836. Rev. William Brown from 1836-1860, Rev. F. W. Bowman from 1861-1868. Rev. I. W. K. Handy from 1870-1878. Rev. Alexander Sprunt from 1789-1885. Rev. G. L. Bitzer from 1885-1889. Rev. J. N. Van Devanter from 1891-1917. Rev. John B. Gordon from 1917 to the present time.