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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 15a

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Pope vs Withers 327 Payton vs Swetman 330 Pilcher's admr qualified 348 Peyton vs Stacy Et al 349 Peyton vs Day 351 Same vs Hackney ib Same vs Dunaway ib Same vs Whitson ib Same vs McDaniel 352 Same vs Wiginton ib Same vs Dunaway ib Same vs Foster 353 Piper vs Maisie 356 Same vs Carter ib Peyton vs Edwards 360 Same vs McDaniel 360 Pope's Deed to Horton 2 Peyton vs Yelton 367

Quidley's Will proven 2 Inventory returned 6


Rae vs Stribling 4 Ralls vs Phillips 4 Ralls vs Green 5 Redman vs Irons 5 Ralls's ordny Licence renewed 6 Rice quald admr of Rice 7 Rowley appd overseer of the Road 11 Ralls Et al appd to view ditto 14 Robinson vs Cratford 15 Riddle vs Berry 27 Ross vs French & uxr 35 Rawley vs Hughs ib Randall vs Holdbrook & uxr 36 Ross vs Hogg 39 Reddish vs Combs ib Rule of the Court 45 Rall's servant discharged 7


Rice Inventory & Appraisement 7 Ralls's Negroe adjdgd 50 Rose & Lewis qualfd attos 51 Railey vs Davis 53 Rose vs Gray ib Ryan vs Holliday 54 Ross vs Holdbrook & uxr 56 Ralls vs Gray 57 Rae vs Striblings Admr ib Robinson vs Cratford 58 Rose vs Laceys Admr ib Rowley vs Hughs 59 Randall vs Holdbrook & ux 62 Raddish vs Combs 70 Ralls vs Green ib Renoe vs Chinn ib Railey vs Davis 71 Ryan vs Holliday 72 Rae vs Striblings Admr 73 Robinson vs Cratford ib Randall vs Holdbrook 75 Riddle's Order vs Ditto 78 Raddish vs Combs ib Ralls's Negroe adjdgd 81 Rydings vs Byram 83 Riley vs Smiths Exors 84 Ryan vs Holliday 86 Rae vs Striblings Admr ib Rose vs Laceys Admr 87 Ralls vs Green 91 Rule of Court ib Russell vs Greenlees 94 Ralls's Ordy [Ordinary] Licence rend [renewed] 99 Regan vs Payton 101 Ryley vs Davis 103 Ross vs French ib Ross's Order vs Hall 110 Russell vs Greenlees 117