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The Booker Family Genealogy.

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26. EDMUND[superscript]4[/superscript] BOOKER (Edmund[superscript]3[/superscript], Edmund[superscript]2[/superscript], Richard[superscript]1[/superscript]), of Amelia, born ___, died 1795. He was a justice of Amelia, and probably he, rather than his father, was the Edmund Booker who represented the county in the Convention of 1788. He married, in January 1781, Mary Pride (Marriage bond, Amelia). In his will, dated Sept. 15, and proved in Amelia, Oct. 22, 1795, he states that his children are minors. Legatees: wife, Mary; sons, Edmund and Joseph; daughters Edith Cobbs, Sarah, Elizabeth and Jane; brother, Parham Booker, an executor.

Issue: 51. Edmund; 52 Joseph; 53. Edith Cobbs; 54. Sarah; 55. Jane; 56. Elizabeth.

27. DAVIS[superscript]4[/superscript]BOOKER (Edmund[superscript]3[/superscript], EDMUND[superscript]2[/superscript], Richard[superscript]1[/superscript]), of Amelia, was born ___, and died in 1802. He was a member of the House of Delegates for that county in 1788; a justice and sheriff, 1797-98. He married ___, daughter of William Bibb, of Prince Edward County. In his will, dated Oct. 1801, and proved in Amelia, Oct. 28, 1802, he names the children given below.

Issue: 56. Sally; 57. Nancy Davis (Booker); 58. Poly Bibb (Booker); 59. Richard Davis (Booker). There is in Amelia a marriage bond, Dec. 1823, for 14