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The Booker Family Genealogy.

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five children. 12. JAMES WEBB BOOKER (James 2, Lewis). 13. GEORGE ALBERT BOOKER (James 2, Lewis). 14. ERASMUS BOOKER (James 2, Lewis), born September 19, 1825 in Shenandoah Valley; a physician of Richmond County, Va.; married first, Olivia C. Anderson; issue: 1. Erasmus Carrington; 2. Judson; 3. Annie; 4. Ida; married second Elizabeth Eugank; issue: 5. Eugene. 18. LEWIS 3 BOOKER (George Tabb,2, Lewis), married Lucy Landon Page; issue: 1. Mary Page; 2. George T.; 3. Bettie Burwell; 4. Caroline Richardson, died; 5. Lucy Armistead, died; 6. Ellen Pollard, died; 7. Lillie Brook; 8. Lewis. Descendants of twelve and thirteen to enter here and then comes ERASMUS CARRINGTON 4 BOOKER (Erasmus 3, James 2, Lewis), married Sarah Eubank; issue: 1. Carrington; 2. James Judson; 3. Robert Eugank; 4. Mary B. 5. Ada. JUDSON 4 BOOKER (Erasmus 3, James 2, Lewis), married ___ Thomas; issue: 1. Felicia Garnett; 2. Hubert. 24.