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Deed of Bargain and Sale Between John T. Booz and W. J. Loth

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This Deed, made this 14th day of February in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one between John T. Booz of the county of Augusta and state of Virginia, of the first part, and W.J. Loth, of the same county and state of the second part Witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars ($450.00) whereof two hundred & seventy-three and 75/100 dollars have been paid in cash by the party of the second part, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and the remainder to be paid in six months from date which said deferred instalment of purchase money is evidenced by the note of the said W. J. Loth in the sum of one hundred and seventy-six & 25/100 dollars ($176.25) bearing even date with this Deed, payable in six months from the date of this Deed, with interest from the said date. The said part y of the first part hereto do hereby grant, convey, bargain and sell with general warranty of title unto said W. J. Loth party of the second part, subject to the restrictions, limitations and reservations hereinafter set out, all of that certain lot.....or parcel....of land situated in the County of Augusta and State of Virginia, near the town of Waynesboro, designated on the plan and plat of the lots laid off by THE WAYNESBORO COMPANY, of record in the Clerk's office of the County Court of Augusta, in D. B., 190, pp. 192 and 193, as Lot No 13 in Block No 26, said lot fronting 25 feet on Wayne Avenue and run back between parallel lines a distance of 135 feet to an alley, being a portion of the property conveyed to say COMPANY by Edward Echols, Trustee, by deed dated the 1st day of January, 1890, of record in Clerk's office, in D. B. 108, p. 472 being the lot conveyed to said J Z Booz by the Waynesboro Company by deed dated Aug. 16, 1890, recorded in D. B. pp Clerk Office of Augusta County. This conveyance is made by John Z Booz, and accepted by the purchaser on the express condition that in improving said lot no building shall be erected on same nearer to the avenue the property line of said lot this distance having been