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Bulger Family Records.

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[picture of receipt from:] Adams Express Company No. 18[illegible] Great Eastern Western and Southern Express Forwarders $350.00 July 10 1891 Received from Jas. Bulger Sealed and said to contain Three hundred & fifty dollars. Addressed Jas. W. Ayers Bunghurst Ind. Upon the special acceptance and agreement that this Company is to forward the same to its agent nearest or most convenient to destination only, still there to deliver the same to other parties to complete the transportation such delivery to terminate availability of this Company for such package ; and also, that this Company are not to be liable in any manner, or to any extent for any lose, damage or detention of such package, or of its contents, or of any portion thereof, occasioned by the acts of God, or by any person or persons acting or claiming to act in any military or other capacity in hostility to the Government of the United States, or occasioned by civil or military authority, or by the acts of any armed or other mob or riotous assemblage, piracy or the dangers incident to a time of war, nor when occasioned by the dangers of railroad transportation, or ocean, or river navigation, or by fire or steam, unless specifically insured by this Company, and so specified in this receipt. In no event is this Company to be liable for a greater sum than that above-mentioned, nor shall it be liable for any such loss unless the claims therefor shall be made in writing at this office, within thirty days from this date, in a statement to which this receipt shall be annexed, and the shipper and owner hereby severally agree that all the stipulations and conditions in this receipt contained shall extend to, and enure to the benefit of, each and every Company, or person, to whom the ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY may entrust or deliver the above described property for transportation, and shall define and limit the liability therefor of such other Company or persons. (NOT NEGOTIABLE.) FREIGHT, Paid 75 For the Company, S. L. Talley Berlin & Jones Envelope Co., N.Y. Insured by ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, for to only For the Company, Insurance, $