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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 18b

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Waugh, Relict of, relinquish her Dower to Wallace 1 Wiginton vs Knight 45 Winkfield vs Jones 53 Waugh vs Bows 56 Withers vs Waugh 57 Washington &Coy vs Hawkins 58 Williams vs Bails 60 Washingtons vs Bernard 63 Wallace vs Pilcher 64 Wiginton vs Knight 65 Washingtons will proven 66 Waughs guardns appd 67 Walker vs Berrymans Exors 68 Wigintons Order vs Robinson 74 Wood's Order vs Bush ib Waugh's will proved 82 Washington &coy vs Fowler 83 Waters vs Howard ib Wallers Order vs Hankins 87 Williams vs Bails 76 & 88 Washington's Exors vs Berrymans Exors 91 Wright's Negroe adjdgd 93 Washington Oversr of the Road 94 Waters vs Ryan ib Washington vs Fitzhugh ib Waller vs Payton 99 Washington vs Fowler 100 Waters vs Howard &uxr ib Waller's Exor vs Matheny ib Washington's Exors vs Berrymans Exrs 104 Washington vs Kite 105 & 117 Waller vs Payton 117 Wallers Exors vs Matheny 118 Washingtons Exors vs Berrymans Exr 117 Wells's Negroe adjdgd 128 Water's Admr qualified 129 Wallers Exor vs Dekezer ib Woods Order vs Carpenter 139 Waughs Acct. vs. Frenchs 5


Walkers Tithes added 2 Waters vs Seddon 132 Waters vs Duas 133 Wallers Exor vs Grant 136 Weathers's Order vs Ocain ib Washington vs Waughs Admr 139 Wells Et al vs Vivion Et al ib Waters vs Ryan ib Washington vs Fitzhugh ib Wallers Exors vs Chinn 140 Wigintons order vs Ashby 143 Wallers Exors vs Bayls 144 Wells Et al vs Vivion Et al ib Whitecotton vs Purvis 145 Waughs Admr vs Wallers Exors 150 Wells vs Vivion Et al ib Washington's Exors vs Berrymans Ex 151 Washington &Coy vs Fitzhugh 151 Wallers & uxr vs Payton ib Waughs admr vs Chinn 154 Williams's Order vs Ponton 155 Whitecotton appd Constable ib Withers's Ordy Licence grantd 156 Wallace vs Edwards's Admr 157 Warrell vs Moss Et al 159 Wigley vs Harrison 160 Wallace vs Fowler ib Waller vs Berrymans Exors 162 Waughs' Admr vs Waller's Exors 164 Wallers Exors vs Chinn 165 The same vs Dereyzer 166 Waugh's Guardn vs Smith ib Waughs Admr vs Chinn ib Washington &coy vs Waughs Admr 167 Worrel vs Moss Et al 169 Williams vs Kelly 170 Warrel vs Duncomb 171 Woods Order vs Latham 173 Washington John Tithes added 5