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"Burcher: A Family Genealogy" by Thelma Ironmonger Hansford [Part 3 of 3].

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(F) Peter 4 Burcher born September 2, 1870 (G) Miles 4 Edward Burcher born July 28, 1872 (H) Amanda 4 Burcher born November 27, 1873 (I) Loftus 4 L. Burcher born October 15, 1877 Mary (Mollie) Charles Burcher died April 30, 1905 and Miles Burcher died November 26, 1907. They are buried at Grafton Christian Church Cemetery. (Because of this Lindsay-Charles intermarriage with Burcher, my family always called these people "Cousin.")

A. CHARLES 4 LEWIS BURCHER, oldest child of Miles 3 Burcher (Lewis2, William1) and his wife Mollie Charles Burcher, was born November 13, 1860. He married Sarah Ray December 16, 1880. They had a large farm adjoining the Dr. Power Plantation, on Brick Church Road. Across from them was the east side of Kentucky farm (once the Samuel Sheild farm). When the waterworks were all of those farms and woods were converted into the watershed and the families had to relocate their homes. "Cousin Charlie" and "Cousin Sallie" and family moved to a farm on Patrick's Creek in Dare section of York County. Charles 4 Lewis Burcher and his wife Sarah Ray Burcher had: (A) Carrie 5 Burcher born December 7, 1881 (B) Mary 5 Dedman Burcher born December 31, 1882 (C) Leven 5 Cosby Burcher born February 11, 1885 (D) Charles 5 Francis Burcher born November 13, 1886 (E) Nannie 5 Belle Burcher born September 28, 1888 (F) Neva 5 Lee Burcher born August 19, 1890 (H) Howard 5 Ray Burcher born February 11, 1894 (I) Miles 5 Cary Burcher born January 28, 1896