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"Burcher: A Family Genealogy" by Thelma Ironmonger Hansford [Part 3 of 3].

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65 Consider now the last known child of William 1 Burcher of Warwick County, Virginia: 9. JOHN 2 BURCHER, son of William 1 Burcher and his wife Elizabeth 1 Burcher, was born 1815-1817 (census varies). His wife was Sarah P., born 1823-25. (Maiden name is unknown but probably Powell or Patrick, nothing the P. in her full name) They were married around 1845-46 and their children were: (1) Caroline 3 M. Burcher born 1847 (1850 census) (2) George 3 W. Burcher born 1849 (3) John 3 E. Burcher born 1853 (4) Henry 3 Burcher born 1857 (5) James 3 W. Burcher born 1861 (6) Addia 3 Burcher born 1864 (7) Sarah 3 Burcher born 1867 Also living in the household was Martha A. Powell, age 11 years. One would speculate that she was a sister of Sarah P. Burcher. The farm of John 2 Burcher adjoined that of his brother Edward 2 Burcher (#40 family) as shown by the census enumerator. Other neighbors were #42 Edmund T. Powell; #43 Lewis Burcher; #44 Elizabeth Patrick; #45 James Provoo etc.. Very little is known about this family because of scarcity of legal documents. However, continuing with the census records, this much is learned: (1) CAROLINE 3 M. BURCHER, daughter of John 2 and Sarah Burcher, was born 1847 and she was still living in 1870 at age 13 years. She was the third wife of JOhn 3 Edward (Ned) Burcher whose second wife died December 9, 1881. She survived him. He sold the Seaford home and moved back to the Warwick-York area after this marriage. There were no children.