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"Colonial Cousins" by Garland Evans Hopkins [Part 4 of 4].

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84. 10. Descendants of George Holloway, Jr. II. (2) -- p. 9 (English Ancestry VIII - 2) George Holloway, Jr. b. ca. 1638, is much more difficult to trace through his descendants than his brother. Most of his descendants have moved out of the county, many of them, no doubt, pioneering westward as the nation developed. The compiler hopes that this monograph will serve as a genealogical source-book for the descendants of George Holloway, Jr. What is known is here recorded, and some unverified possibilities are suggested. But even this is but A small indication of the many ancestors of this first family. We do not know who George Holloway, Jr. married, but he had at least one son, seemingly two. Issue: III. (1) George Holloway, III, b. ca. 1660, d. June 13, 1714 (2) William Holloway, b. ca. 1662, who may possibly be the progenitor of the Holloways of King and Queen County. He had 100 acres listed on the Quit Rent Roll of 1704. This might also be William Holloway who left Virginia to enter the Queen's Army, Mar. 8, 1709. (See 19V24). III. (1) -- above George Holloway, III, married, first, Hannah (sometimes Anna or Annah), who died Oct. 20, 1701. Issue: IV. (1) James, b. Jan. 16, 1685, d. Nov. 27, 1705 (2) Charles Holloway, b. Apr. 15, 1688 (3) David Holloway, b. Aug. 18, 1690, d. July 13, 1698 (4) George Holloway, IV, b. Aug. 18, 1690 (5) Mary Holloway, b. June 4, 1693, d. prior to Dec. 13, 1695 (6) Mary Holloway, b. Dec. 13, 1695 George Holloway, III, married, secondly, Elizabeth. Issue: (7) Elizabeth Holloway, b. Sept. 8, 1704 (8) Dianah Holloway, b. Dec. 4, 171_. (9) Sarah Holloway, b. Dec. 2, 1713, d. Apr. 13, 1714 The latter two may have been the children of George Holloway, IV, by a wife also named Elizabeth. Here ends the verified descent from George Holloway, Sr. There follow certain unverified conclusions which have been made after a careful study of the records. IV (1) - above James Holloway, though not yet twenty-one when he died; evidently had issue: V. (1) James Holloway, Jr., b. ca. 1705. This seems a reasonable conclusion when the Parish Records are carefully studied. Each other known James Holloway can be eliminated as the father of James Holloway, Jr., here listed, except the above. Further check may disprove this theory, but at present it seems most tenable. It is probably his inventory which is listed in York W. B. 21, p. 304, 1767. Issue: VI. (1) James Holloway, III, referred to in Parish Records as "James Holloway, Jr.", b. ca. 1730