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Report of the Committee for Propositions and Grievances, 1710.

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1. That all Publick Debts payable in Tobacco Such as Quittrents Governors Dues Country County and Parish Levyes all Secretarys Sherifs and Clerks fees be brought Debtors to one or more places to be Appointed in Each parish — That one or more persons be Appointed and Commissionated by the Governor to receive in Each parish all Such Debts, at such places and to pay away the same to whom they shall be due — That the Receivers of Such Tobacco Shall enter into Bond with Security and Shall also take an Oath [not?] Willingly to receive or pay away any Tobacco but what shall be Good & Merchantable And if any Tobacco be offered to the Receiver which shall be by him Refused It shall be Lawfull for him to Summon Two Justices to view Such Tobacco and if one of the Justices and the Receiver shall Judge the Tobacco unfitt to be received they shall Cause the same Immediately to be burnt in their Sight And if any Tobacco shall be offered by ye Receiver in payment to Discharge any Debts payable by him which shall be refused by the person to whom it shall be so due It shall be Lawfull for such Creditor to Apply himself to the next Justice who shall summon Two Freeholders and together with them shall view Such Tobacco and if the Justice and one of the Freeholders shall Judge the Tobacco to be unfitt to be paid they Shall Cause the Same Immediately to be burnt in their Sight — That if the Receiver shall pay away one or more Hogsheads of Tobacco which shall be proved to be bad he shall forfeit Double the Quantity paid away to the person to whom the bad Tobacco was paid. And if the Receiver shall be found Guilty of Offering Tobacco in payment a Second time which Shall be ordered to be Burnt or of haveing paid away a Second time one Hogshead of bad Tobacco he shall be Turned out of his place of Receiver and be incapable of holding any place of profitt for Three Years — That all Hogsheads of Tobacco paid away by the Receiver shall be Marked with the County and Parish Mark — That all Publick Creditors shall put an Account of their Debts into the hands of the Receiver before the Last day of November Yearly (otherwise he shall not be accountable for them that Year ) and the Receiver shall give notice to Each Debtor of what he Demands from them before the last Day of December and that each Debtor shall bring what Tobacco he is to pay to the place appointed for Receiveing before the Last day of February — That if any Debtor after Such Notice Given Shall Neglect or refuse to bring his Tobacco to the place of Receiveing before the Last day of February It shall be Lawfull for the Receiver to make Distress for ye Same at the Charge of the Debtor — That the Receiver Shall Allow to Each Debtor by way of Discount all the Creditt he hath in the Publick Levy —