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Report of the Committee for Propositions and Grievances, 1710.

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That the Receiver shall at his proper Charge Build or provide himself houses Convenient for Storage for all Tobacco to be received by him in Such place as Shall be Appointed and upon the Death of Such Receiver or Removal from his Office Such Buildings Shall be Viewed and Valued and the person Succeeding in Such Office Shall pay for the Same According to Such Valuation And that the Receiver be allowed for Cooperage for every Hogshead paid Away by him on the Accounts abovementioned One Shilling Current Money or 10l of Tobacco to be paid by the person takeing the Same Away That if any person who Shall buy Tobacco Shall before he buy the Same Agree with the Seller in Writing that the Tobacco Shall be Carryed to the Storehouse of Some Publick Receiver that then the Seller Shall be obliged to Carry the Same thither and Shall be Allowed give pounds of Tobacco for every Hundred pounds of Tobacco he Shall Carry which he may Discount with the buyer And there shall then be paid to the Receiver five shillings Current Money for every Hogshead or 10l for every Hundred pounds of Tobacco So Carried for his Sallary for receiving takeing Care of and paying away such Tobacco by the person who Shall Carry the Same Away That if any Tobacco whatsoever which Shall be Offered in payment shall be refused and the person refusing the same shall desire to have it Viewed that the Publick Receiver of the parish where the payment is Offered and Two Justices be ordered to view to the Same And if any Two of them Shall Judge the Tobacco to be bad they Shall Cause it Immediately to be burnt in their Sight That no person whatsoever Shall receive Tobacco for any other person before he hath taken an Oath before a Justice and Obtained a Certificate thereof that he will Carefully and Honestly According to the best of his Skill View and Examine all Tobacco which he Shall receive And that if any Tobacco which Shall be offered to him to receive shall be by him Refused he shall give Notice thereof to the Next Justice who with one other Justice and the Next Publick Receiver Shall View the Tobacco and if Two of them shall Judge the Tobacco to be bad it Shall Immediately be burnt in their Sight Upon which Proposalls It is the Opinion of this Comtee. that a Bill be prepared & brought in And that the sd Act Intituled an Act Concerning the Collection of the publick & County Levys & for the better payment of the Same to the respective Creditors therein concernd be Repealed And that so much of the sd Act Intituled an Act for the better support and maintenance of the Clergy And of the sd Act Intituled an Act for Improveing the Staple of Tobaco & for Regulateing the size & care of Tobaco hogsheads as relates to any matter or thing in the said Proposalls sett forth & conteined be also Repealed J Clayton Clerk of Comtee.