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"Address by Rev. Geo. W. McDaniel, D. D. Pastor First Baptist Church Richmond, Va. At Funeral Services of Mr. James R. Goodloe".

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The presence of this splendid congregation upon this threatening and almost forbidding day testifies more eloquently than any words I can speak to the respect and admiration in which you hold the dead. There are many trees in the forests of the world, and when a small on falls its absence is scarcely noticed; but when a giant oak falls, on that has been strengthened by the storms of a hundred winters and has sent its branches high into the air and its roots deep into the earth, there is left a vacancy in the forest and a gap in the skies. From our childish memories we may recall such monarchs of the forest. It is so with human life; the race is so numerous and the majority of mankind so ordinary that one may pass away without being noticed by the surging throng on the living. When a kingly character dies the world marks his passing and orators pay tribute to his life and memory. It is such an occasion that brings us together today. SPLENDID PHYSIQUE. God had endowed Mr. Goodloe with a commanding figure, an imposing presence and a noble brow. His manly form gave him prominence in the largest gatherings, and his powers of endurance made him the admiration of the young and strong. No one who ever looked into his face, or upon his form, can forget them. Like Saul of Israel, he towered above his fellows. The Bible regards the body with sacred favor. It is the temple of the Holy Ghost. How capacious and imposing a temple was this in which the Sprit [Spirit] dwelt! God made but one such man and broke the mold in making him. "Search the land of living men And where'll you find his like again?" 3