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"Address by Rev. Geo. W. McDaniel, D. D. Pastor First Baptist Church Richmond, Va. At Funeral Services of Mr. James R. Goodloe".

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VIGOROUS MENTALITY. Mr. Goodloe possessed a vigorous intellect. He has cultivated his native gift by living close to nature and thinking clear thoughts. His mind inquired for the origin of things and he traced effects to their causes. He did not accept anything on tradition, but sought for the authoritative explanation. Those who knew him intimately have feasted on his reason while they have enjoyed the flow of his soul. The mind in its high development is a mark of the divine in man. It is next to omnipotent. It can make a world and people it with saintly souls; it can create a universe and fill it with flaming orbs moving harmoniously in their spheres. "The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven." Here was a mind original, logical and unique. He was a pioneer in the thought world, blazing his own path through the forest of ideas. He had a striking way of expressing his quaint philosophy, and we can never forget many of his sayings. Once, I remember, he said to me: "The books describe the lion as the king of beasts. They are all wrong. A great bear could take a lion in his paws and crush every bone in his body." A SUNNY NATURE. Man is the only laughing animal. Mr. Goodloe, as a creator of laughter, surpassed any man I have ever known. He has an inexhaustible fund of anecdotes and he delighted to interest and amuse his guests and friends by telling his inimitable stories. They were not stories told by others, but such as came out of his own experience or as originated in his fertile imagination. They flew from his brain like sparks from an anvil. I have known him for only six years, the 4