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"Address by Rev. Geo. W. McDaniel, D. D. Pastor First Baptist Church Richmond, Va. At Funeral Services of Mr. James R. Goodloe".

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old age, when he had passed three-score and ten, he kept young by association with children. The first time I came to Afton, my little boy was four and my little girl six. He drew them to him instantly and unconsciously. They, with the other children, would gather around his chair, as the children did around Socrates in Athens, and listen with open mouth and kindling eye while he talked. He had the heart of a child. Such a man never grows old; he is perennially young. To such is promised entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. Loyalty to his friends was on of the cardinal virtues of our departed brother's life. Their devotion to him is evidenced by their presence to-day. Here are young men from Richmond who have ridden with him in the chase since they were boys and have sat at his feet to learn lessons of wisdom; here are old men from far and near who have gone with him on the camp. They come a personal sacrifice to mourn the departure of a true and tried friend. They will all tell you that they never knew him to do a little or a mean thing. He was open-hearted and liberal, and was never willing for others to do more for him than he would for them. I shall never forget his description of a hospitable home. He said: "If you are travelling through the country and at nightfall want entertainment and stop at a home where a little fice comes bounding and barking, you may well hesitate to ask for entertainment there. You may get it and you may not. But if you ever stop about sundown at a home and pack of hounds comes running and barking from the house, get down, unhitch your horse, and stay as long as you please. There is free entertainment in that home." My friends, that was as true as Scripture. I have never known a real fox hunter that was not big hearted. STRONG FAITH. The substratum of Mr. Goodloe's remarkable life was an unwavering faith in God. Those who did not know him 6