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Knights of Pythias Membership Card Application

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Extracts from supreme statutes 247 It hereby is made the duty of each subordinate lodge to prepare on behalf of each member a membership card containing typewritten information showing the date and manner in which membership was attained in the lodge, said card to show the membership record of the member, the dates when the ranks of knighthood were conferred, which information and dates relative to his suspension, reinstatement, or transfer to the lodge; also the personal record of the member showing the place and date of birth, occupation, business and residence address, and the county of which he is a citizen. *** 250 The member ship card for each member of the order shall at all times remain in the custody and keeping of the subordinate lodge in which the member holds membership, save and except that upon his voluntary retirement or withdrawal from the order, he shall be entitled to received his membership card, properly certified as to his withdrawal. 251 Whenever a member of the order desires to transfer his membership to another lodge, he shall make application to said lodge, which application shall be investigated by the lodge to which he applies, and if the applicant be elected to membership, the keeper of records and seal shall immediately communicate with the lodge that the applicant's membership card be forwarded. The lodge receiving such request shall, if the applicant is not under charges, immediately forward the membership card by registered mail to keeper of records and seal making the request, together with a statement of the applicant's account with the lodge as of the date when the request for membership card was made. Any indebtedness of the applicant to the lodge issuing the membership card shall be collected by the requesting lodge and immediately remitted to the lodge from which the applicant transfers. The applicant's membership in the lodge issuing the card shall terminate on the date when the card was requested and shall commence on the same date in the lodge making the request. There shall be no fee required for the issuance of a membership card. 252 Any member in good standing in a subordinate lodge who may desire to withdraw from membership in the lodge and in the order may communicate in writing over his own signature and so advice the lodge of which he is a member. His communication shall be accompanied by the full amount of his arrearages, if any, to the lodge, as of the date of his communication, and his request shall be read in open lodge. If he is not under charges, the chancellor commander shall order the request granted, and immediately instruct the keeper of records and seal to personally deliver to the applicant his membership card, or forward same by registered mail, as the case may be. A member who shall have thus permanently withdrawn from the order shall be considered an ex-member, and shall have no claim whatsoever upon the lodge or the order for any Pythian right or privilege, but he may at any time apply for membership in any lodge, and when doing so his membership card shall accompany his application. ** 253 Upon the death of a member of any lodge it shall be the duty of the keeper of records and seal to enter that fact of the record on the books of the lodge and also upon the membership card of said deceased member. The lodge shall permanently file such a card in the archives of deceased members. 254 Whenever two or more subordinate lodges shall consolidate, the membership cards of the members of the consolidating lodges shall revert to and become the property of the consolidated lodge, which lodge shall cause the membership card of each member of the lodge, or lodges, consolidating, to bear evidence of the acquirement of such membership by consolidation, by proper entry on the filing form of the membership card and also upon the books of the lodge. 255 Whenever a lodge becomes defunct, the membership cards of the members of such lodge immediately revert to and become the property of the grand lodge (or the Supreme Lodge, as the case may be), and shall be delivered to the grand lodge (or Supreme Lodge), together with the books and other property belonging to the defunct lodge ****