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Knights of Pythias Membership Card Application

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Membership Card by the authority of the Supreme Lodge Knights of Pythias-Official certificate of Pythian membership [seal] Supreme Lodge Knights of Pythias. August 11, 1868 Feb'y 19, 1864; Friendship. F. C. B. ; Fred E. Wheaton, S.K.R.S. Castle Hall Blue Ridge Lodge No. 89 at Waynesboro Grand Domain district of Virginia This certifies that I.G. Quesenbery is a Knight of Pythias that he became a member of this lodge by Initiation (Initiation or Card) on the 21 day of June 1923 that he has attained the rank of Knight (Page, Esquire or Knight); that the Ranks of Knighthood were conferred upon him on the dates shown in his Membership Record, which is made a part of this Certificate and that he is the owner of this MEMBERSHIP CARD which identifies him as the person named here in and certifies to his membership in this lodge and in this Order of Knights of Pythias. In witness whereof, we have hereunto affixed our signitures and the seal of the lodge this 10 day of Feb. 1927 PP L. XIII V. P. Kennedy. Chancellor Commander Attest L. E. Reid. Keeper of Records and Seal Membership Record The member herein named received the Ranks of Knighthood in Blue Ridge Lodge No. 89 Located at Waynesboro Domain of Virginia on the dates named below: Rank of page June 7 1923 Rank of Esquire " 14 1923 Rank of Knight " 21 1923 Suspended Expelled Reinstated Transferred [blank] Withdrawn July 1 1926

Personal Record Born on the 12 day of Sept. 1901 Place of Birth Waynesboro State of Va. Country [blank] Citizen of what Country U.S.A. Occupation Lawyer. Mortality Record Date of death 6-22 1981 Place Cause Where buried Riverview To avoid errors, all information should be typewritten [blank] Signature of the holder