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Letter of John and Mary Ashlin, 1711/1712 Jan. 4.

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my Dear Childe london Jan- ye 4th 17011/12

[after?] our Blesing ye and to yor good wife this is to satesfie yo yt [that] i ame a very weeke woman and cant expect to live till this come to yor hande and as for yor father he growes very Childlash and has bin in a grate deale of trobel and was [arested?] twis in one week and once was for his land lord [penitant?] and has pade fore and twenty pound in his one [ronge?] when [he?] had stod it as longe as he coulde we never recved any leater from yo sence we pade ye fore pound mr [Dillin?] pade it and he takes it very unkinde yt he has had no retorn sence we hear their was a leater and a small pres[ent?] but we never hade it i sent ten miles and i spent a grate deale of mouny after it but coulde not git it ye Capt. and mate both oned [owned] yt thire wase a small parsel of [illegible] [illegible] in a paper but they [illegible] it from one to anouther till it was lost but pray sende worde what it is my Dear we hear a [weary?] reprt of yor wife and i bege of yo to make as good a husband as yo may give account before ye just god yor sister has a very bade husband and has hade fivfe children and has three more and has a neugh [enough] to done to bring them up yo promised to right all opertuney to leat us hear of yo pray drect [yors?] for us one [saforn?] [hill?] over againest [illegible] [great?] ende my Dear childe i sent yo a leater writ with my one hande [by?] ye packett but wherther yo hade it or no i cant till so with all our prayers for yo both i beg of yo to live in ye fear of god and love each other yor father gives his Blessing to yo both and sister and children gives thire love and respect to yo both and prayes for yor well fare

[along left edge of page] i sent yor wife a puter dish and halfe a dosen of plates and some other small things but wherther yo ever hade it or no we are not shure we sent them by [yong?] Capt. [Pense?] from yor loving parants John and Mary Ashlin