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Cullins, Judy : Petition for Re-Enslavement, Powhatan County

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In Powhatan Circuit Court August the 25th 1858 Judy Cullins a free woman of color emancipated by the Will of John Cullins deceased having at the last April Term of this Court filed a petition setting forth her desire to become the slave of William C, Scott in pursuance of the act of the General assembly passed the 18th of July 1856 and due notice of such petition having been published at the door of the Courthouse of this County and the said Judy Cullins and William C. Scott having been duly summoned to appear at this Court and being examined seperately by the Court and sundry other persons being sworn and examined and the Attorney for the Commonwealth being present at such examination and the Court being satisfied that there is no fraud nor collusion between the parties and that there is no good reason why the prayer of the petitioner shall not be granted, doth grant the same accordingly and doth value the said Judy Cullins at the sum of Three hundred and fifty dollars. Whereupon the said William C. Scott paid into Court one half of the said sum of $350 toward the sum of One hundred and seventy five dollars (which was received by the Clerk to be accounted for as the law directs) and with Lucy Scott his security entered into bond in the penalty of One hundred and fifty dollars according to Law. Therefore it is considered by the Court that the said Judy Cullins shall from this day be the slave of the said William C. Scott and that his rights and liabilities and the condition of the said Judy Cullins shall in all respects hereafter, be the same as though she had been born a slave and that said Wm C. Scott pay the Costs of this proceeding. A Copy Teste R.F. Graves C Ammnt, received by the Clerk as above $175.00 Deduct Com.s allowed by Law 8.75 __________________________________ Balance to be paid into Treasury $166.25 R.T. Graves C Sep. 8th 1858