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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, page 253

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253. March Court 1754

In the action of debt between Margaret Piper Plt. & James Maises deft. the defendt. not appearing Judgment is granted the Plt. against him, & the Reverend John Moncure his Security for what of the Sum owed for in the declaration shall appear to be justly due unless the defts. [sic] do appear at the next Court & answer the Plt's Action.

In the Suit on the Attachment obtained by Benjn. Strother Gent. against the Estate of John Stacy, the sd. Benjn produced & made Oath to an Account [a]gainst the sd. John for three hundred & thirteen pounds of Tobacco its thereupon considered by the Court that the sd. Benjn. recover the same of the sd. John, of his Costs by him on this behalf expended. And the Sheriff having returned the sd Attachment executed in the Hands of John Lee Gent who acknowledged to have in his Hands of the Estate of the sd. Stacy thirty Shillings & seven pence, it's thereupon ordered that the Sheriff sell the same according to Law & satisfy the sd. Benjan. his Judgmt therewith ,if there be Tobacco enough arising by such sale to do the same & report to the next Court.

In the Suit on Petition between John Hite Plt. & Samuel Earle Adminr. &c of Hannah Baylis decd. deft. the deft. for Plea saith he hath fully administred [sic], the Plt. joined the Issue. & the Tryal thereof is referred till the next Court.

The Suit on Petition between William Campbell Plt. & Robert Carter deft. is dismist & the Plt. is ordered to pay to the deft. his Costs by him about his defence in this behalf expended

In the Suit on Scire Facias brought by George Johnson against William Fitzhugh Esqr. & Francis Thornton Gent. Execurs. &c of Gilson Berryman decd. the sd. William & Francis having pleaded payment & fully administred [sic] the sd. George joined the Issue & the Trial thereof is referred till the next Court.

In the Action of debt between Robert Inglish Plt. & Mourning Richards deft. George Brent Security for the sd. deft. having pleaded as Payment the Plt..joined the Issue & the Trial therof is reffered till the next Court.

Administration on the Estate of Richard Berry is granted Sarah Berry she having entered into Bond with William Garrard & John Peyton her Securities, Husbandfoote Whitecotton, Nathl. Gray, William Limbrick, & James Jones Appraisers.

In the Action of debt between Michael Wallace Plt. & Robert Garrard deft. the deft. having pleaded payment the Plt. joined the Issue, & the Tryal is referred to the next Court.