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Address of the Council and House of Burgesses, 1714 Dec. 17.

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To the Kings most Excellent Majesty The humble Address of the Council & Burgesses of Virginia We Your Majtys most Loyal & dutiful Subjects the Council & Burgesses of Virginia now mett in a Genll Assembly humbly beg leave to represent to Your Majesty That your Majestys Revenue of 2s p hhd [hogshead] on all tobacco exported out of this Colony, & Tunnages and head money, wch is the only Revenue appropriated for the Support of this Government by the great decay of the Tobacco Trade, occasioning a proportionable Decrease of the Exports, is so Sunk that it is no longer able to defray the established Sallarys, and other both ordinary and extraordinary Charges of the Government: but is now very considerably in debt, and the officers Sallarys unpaid. That upon a diligent Search of Presidents how the like Deficiencys have been made good in former times, We find that by a Letter of his Majesty K. Charles ye 2d dated in the year 1684 & directed to the Lord Effingham then Governor of Virginia, his Matys is graciously pleased to declare his Royal intentions to apply all the profites and advantages accruing by the Revenue of Quitt rents of this Colony for the better Support of the Government thereof, and that accordingly the deficiencys of the 2s p hhd have been always supplyed by Your Majtys Predecessors out of the sd Fund of the Qt rents, wch for that purpose was reserved in this Country ready for all Emergencys of this Government till about nine year ago, that the same was called into the Exchequor in England. We humbly pray Your Majesty will therefore be graciously pleased to direct the Qt rents of this Country back into their old Channell; and that out of them the present Deficiency of the Revenue may be made good; with power also to your Majtys Governor with advice & consent of the Council to apply the same for answering any sudden Emergencys where Your Majestys Service might suffer for want of a more timely supply, than application at so great distances will admit; Subject nevertheless to be duly accounted for as formerly to yr Majesty And we shall ever pray