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Address of the Council and House of Burgesses, 1714 Dec. 17.

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To The Honble Alexander Spotswood his Majestys Lieut Governor of Virginia The humble Address of the Council & Burgesses of the present Genll Assembly May it please Your Honr The Experience we have of your great Care Vigilance prudence and good conduct in managing your Trust in this Government to the best advantage for his Majestys Service and the publick Good, encourages us with more than ordinary confidence to have Recourse to you on all occasions of difficulty Of these there is one at present most sensibly felt, and if not timely provided for, may expose this Government to the utmost danger & Contempt. It is the deficiency of the Sole Fund allotted for the established Sallarys, & all the other both ordinary & extraordinary Charges of the Government. Sir, upon a dilligent search of Precedents how the like deficiencys were formerly made good, We find it has always been out of the Fund of the Quitt rents; which used to be reserved in this Countrey ready upon all such occasions, & proved exceeding Serviceable in cases of Sudden emergency to the Crown and this Government, till about nine year ago they were called in to the Exchequer in England, where as they are not so ready to answer any sudden necessity of this Government, So there is no obtaining them but by repeated applications to the Throne, wch cannot be made without great Charge and difficulty. The Council and Burgesses have thought it their duty and absolutely necessary to address his Majesty on this occasion; and to make a true Representation of this affair. This Address they humbly request Yor Honr to transmitt, and to favour with your own recommendation, which they doubt not will have great Weight, and will encrease the obligation of Gratitude due from this Colony, & the Council & Burgesses who are Sr Your most humble & obedient Servants