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Amendments of the Council, 1714 Dec. 23.

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[in pencil] (Dec 23, 1714)

[in ink, original document] 13th line. After the word (Children), strike out to the word (the) near the end of ye same line and instead thereof insert (or wch the sd Magazine shal be unfinished or out of repair after the last day of August in ye year 1717) 14th line. Instead of the word (Moiety) insert (third part) 16th line. After the word (thereof) insert (one third for & towards the expence of Missionarys and School Masters to be settled amongs ye Indians and) And in the same line instead of (Moiety) insert (third) At the End of the Bill, add (Provided always And Be it further Enacted that in case the Sum of four thousand pounds shall not be subscribed before the said first day of April, and the said Trade thereupon settled and established in a Company as aforesaid or if the sd Compa being erected should be afterwards dissolved by his Majesty the severall Restrictions herein before mentioned for trading with the Tributary Indians on the Southside James River or any foreign Indians at ChristAnna only, and for preventing ye Clandestine Trade with the said Indians and for the regulating the manner of the Indians hunting and ranging shall nevertheless subsist and remain; so as it shall not be lawfull for any person or persons Inhabitants of this Colony to trade with any of the said Tributary Indians or with any forreign Indians at any place within this Colony except at ChristAnna aforesaid, under the penalty of forfeiture of all the goods Wares or Merchandizes, Skins or furrs, bartered or sold contrary to this Act or the value thereof, One third to our Sovereign Lord the King his Heirs and Successors for and toward the better support of the Government of this Colony and Dominion One third to the Governor for the time being for and towards the building and keeping in repair a Schoolhouse at ChristAnna for the education of the Indian Children, and the other third to him her or them who will informe or sue for the same in any Court of Record within this Dominion, wherein no Essoign protection, priviledge or Wager of Law shall be allowed. Provided nevertheless that nothing in this Act contained shall be construed deemed or taken to restrain any person being a Subject of His Majesty inhabiting in any of his Majesty's other Plantations from trading with any Indians Tributary to this Government at ChristAnna for any Skins and furrs which shall be purchased with goods actually belonging to such Inhabitant and brought by them