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Amendments of the Council, 1714 Dec. 23.

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them from the Province or Plantation in which they reside, such person producing a Certificate thereof from the Governor or Commander in Chief of such Province or plantation, that the said goods do belong to the Inhabitants of that Province only, and not to any person residing with this Colony. Provided also that whenever the Governor or Commander in Chief of this Dominion for the time being with the advice and Consent of the Council shall find it necessary for the Peace and Tranquility of this Colony to prohibite the Trade with all or any of the Indians either Tributary or foreign, Neither the said Company hereby intended to the erected, nor any other person or persons inhabiting this Dominion shall during such prohibition directly nor indirectly trade or traffique with any of the Indians with whom Trade shall be so prohibited, under the penalty of forfieture of all the Goods, Wares and Merchandizes sold bartered or exchanged or the value thereof to be recovered and disposed in manner aforesaid: And moreover every person so trading or imployed in such Trade shall suffer three months imprisonment without Bail or Mainprize. And if any person or persons shal trade or traffique with any Indian or Indians with whom War shal at any time hereafter be declared by the Govr or Commander in Chief of this Dominion for the time being Every person so offending or Trading during the continuance of such War shal [be?] [illegible, possibly crossed through] adjudged Guilty of high Treason By order of the honble Council WilRobertson [William Robertson] ClGenAssly

[in pencil] 2