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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index for Land Order Book, page 30

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30 L Page

Liquors rated 23 Love Wm Exor Qualified 27 ________Appraisers appd Ibid Land valuation of to be ascertained 33 Liquors &c rated 59 Land asses[s]ors an acct of to be taken ibid ______________their acct. retd 61 Lithgow vs King 66 Lawson vs Jones ibid Lewis Richards sale acct retd 78 Loves admor vs Arrosmith 81 Lewis vs Massey 82 Latham vs Harding 83 [Lyman?] vs [illegible] 89 Lewis's Exr to Hooe BS 90 Lee to Lee deed Gift 96 Lawson vs Norwood 105 _______vs Craighill 107 _______vs Hunt ibid Lyons admrs Browns Exrs 107 Lee to Massey Deed 108 Lawson vs Craighill 113 Lewis vs Massey ib Latham vs Harding and Knight 114 Laverty vs Weeks 117 Lee vs Bland 118 Lawson vs Jones 120 do vs Craighill 122 Leach vs Williams 125 Laverty vs Weeks 168 Lawson vs Craighill 170 do vs Hewit ib Latham vs Faunt 171 Lawson vs Jones ib Lithgow vs Tyler 185 do vs Hedgman ib do vs Threlkeld ib Lee vs Burroughs 186 Loves Adr. vs Alexander 188 Lawless John bound over by recognizance 191 Lotspack vs Hower 192 Lewis to Hooe Deed 200 Lewis Annes acct exad. [examined] 201

L Page

Lee vs Bronaugh 203 Lyons vs Brown 209 Leach vs Williams 210 Lee's adx qualified 219 Levy of the County laid 220 Do [Ditto] 221 _____officers appd. to collect do ib Lunsford vs Moncure adx 222 Lotspike vs Cole 224 Luck vs Lotspike ib Leach vs Mellet ib Latham John Ovr. Road 226 Leach vs Williams 235 Lang Robt set levy free 241 Lilly & Fisher vs Frensly 250 Latham vs Vowles 259 Lilly &c vs Frensly ib Same vs Same 269 Lithgow vs Peyton 276 Lyons vs Browns Exx [Executrix] 279 Lilly &c vs Frensly 280 Lithgow vs Threlkeld 281 Same vs Hedgman ib Lee vs Markham 306 Leach vs Millet 303 Lilly & Fisher vs Frensly ib Same vs Same 291 Leach vs Millet ib Land sale of for tax retd 292 Lewis adrs acct. settled 295 Lee vs Markham ib Lunsford vs McKenzie ib Lee qual'd as Justice 323 Leach vs Nooe [Hooe] 322