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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index for Land Order Book, page 34

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34 M Page

McDanl. vs Waller 185 Maddox vs Sprigg 186 do [ditto] vs Waller ib McKetrick vs Melford 187 do vs Melford & Uxr. ib Murphy Peters acct. retd. 190 Mountjoy returns list taxbl. property 192 McEntire to McEntire deed gift 195 Mauzy vs Davis 196 do vs do 202 Mann vs Holloway 205 Moss vs Berry 200 Mullin vs Carter 209 Do Woodrow Adr ib Maddox vs Fitzhugh 211 Moore vs Hedgman ib Moore vs Horton 213 McEntire to McEntire Deed 216 Maddox vs Fitzhugh 223 Madder vs Sotspike 224 Mercer vs Walker 225 Mason Enoch Overseer Road 226 Matthews Exr. vs Laverty 228 McKetrick vs Hudson 229 Same vs Same & Uxr. ib Martins adr. quald. 230 [Mooreas?] &c vs Hedgman 231 Martin vs Lae 237 Mullin vs Carter ib Mountjoy pd. for Accokick Bridge 239 Moncures Invy [Inventory] returned 241 Morson to Weeks Lease 245 Same to Maddox Lease ib

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McEntire heir at Law &c 247 Mason heir at Law &c ib Morson to Hughes Lease 249 Mullen Wms Land allcd him as Soldier 250 Maddox assee [assignee] &c vs Fitzhugh ib McKenzie vs Lowe 251 Morten et Uxr. vs Waughs Exrs ib Moore vs Hedgman ib Morson returns list taxable property 255 Massey Exempt from tax negro womn ib Mattensheds will proved 256 Masons Exrs. vs Foxworthy 259 do. [ditto] vs Lunsford ib Mitchel vs Perry ib Mullen vs Carter 262 Massey appd. constable 265 Masons exr. vs Foxworthy 267 McKey vs Chapman 268 Morton et Uxr. vs Waughs Exrs. ib Mason vs Tyler 269 Massey quald as constable ib Mountjoy resigns comsn. of Col 270 Mountjoy quald. a Major 272 Morson vs Several 275 Morson vs Trensly 276 Monteith to Walker lease 277 Mason vs Tyler 280 Moore assee [assignee] &c vs Hedgman 281 Matthews Extors vs Barby 283 Morton vs Waughts Exrs 285 Moss vs Potes &c 287 Murphy et Uxr. to Wood [illegible] 289 Marriage Certificate retd 289 do 290