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Letter from John G. Fulton to James R. Kemper.

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Grottoes, Va. Jan 5th 1912 Hon. James R. Kemper, Staunton, Va, My Dear Sir: I am in receipt of yrs. of the 2nd inst, and in reply beg say - we have not ascertained the exact cost of the Macadam road built in my section - few bills out & unpaid as yet, it will figure very close to $3000.00 per mile. You can ascertain from Mr. Burnett the clerk the exact cost per mile - built by the convicts on the Spring still road . I have, and do yet think, that we would get the discount of money we are entitled to, and built [build] our roads under our own supervision - with good men & manager - it would be quite a saving to the county, s great deal depends upon the management - there are many thinks [things] to be looked after - just as there are in all business - "but especially in road building" As to the cost to the county of posting a list of the qualified voters at all the precincts in the county, prior to the elections, to be paid to the clerk 1/2 C per word - amtg. to our clerk abt. 500$ or 600$, which should not cost over 15$ or $20, Rockingham Co. "advised by their commonwealth atty" - refused to pay it - was finally carried up to the court of appeals & decided unconstitutional, however it wd [would] be well for you to look it up. Another saving to the County - would be to change the law & require the Registrar of the several precincts of the county to post notices & set a day prior to elections only - instead of twice a year as now. We only hold our elections once a year & sometime no election in the year. The Registrars will explain; many think the law should be changed, [illegible] to visit you [illegible], will look you up if in the city. Yrs. very truly - Jno. G. Fulton