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Letter from John M. Humphreys to Sallie J. Humphreys.

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after we had our supper which was early I had the room cleared and went down and brought the parson and guests in the house so that the whites could see; leaving Beck & Js to arrange them I went for the bridal party and arranged them in order and started them up when they got before the parson he slowly arose adjusted his specs and said you have come to get married have you at which the Bride made a considerable squat and the groom a low bow for the next minute the preacher was saying something I could not remember what for it kept me busy watching the Bride and Groom dodging for all the world like the ducks we some times see from our window and have no doubt it ended in the same way at last - the ceremony ended with a short prayer after which the parson shook hands with the groom and kissed the bride one of them old fassioned [fashioned] kisses that sounded like a buggy wheel running against a rock and sliding off at this John who had been biting his lips all the time could keep in no longer, but broke out in a horse laugh and Willis said no negro should marry him for he would kiss his wife before he could, after the seremony [ceremony] Jane Beck Js Mag Mary & myself went an[d] helped to fix up the table it looked very well and the way the darkeys did eat was frightful Willis said they did not eat like they ought that they ought to mince a long time at a little but instead of that they lunged it into them as fast as they could, but they did-nt [didn't] know any better they were negroes - but hoping your trip has improved your health and you have not had on a long face since I left you. and all other good wishes for you and yours I must bid you farewell, your devoted husband John M. Humphreys [vertically at side] do not forget to give my love to all Cousin Js sends her best love to aunt lucy tell her old Jimmy starts to richmond in the morning