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Letter from John D. Ried to William Massie.

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title papers brought in at all and nothing said about it, but an allusion in Mayburys answer. In the suit of George Thompson &c vs Maybury for a trespass. Maybury plead not guilty. and filed no papers claiming the land. a trial took place at April term 1839. and when the Plaintiffs exhibited their title papers, they were objected to on the ground that they were not regularly acknowledged and the court refused to permit them to be read. the consequence of which was that the Jury found a verdict for the Defendt [Defendant] and the Judge at once granted a new trial - at the next court the suit was dismissed by consent, the defandt Maybury relinquishing claim to a Judgment for costs but there was no agreement or writing of any kind filed to show how the parties had settled it. You will at once conclude, that the account which I have given you is a very unsatisfactory one: and you must charge it to the materials upon which I had to work. and not to any want of disposition to [illegible] you There has been no decision in either of the courts of this county in which the title of the land in question was at issue. I have refrained from sending to you copies of any of the papers or decrees because I thought that they could be of no use to you.and would be expensive, but if you choose I can send copies of any of them - such as Grubbs patent, Grubbs power of Attorney to Irvine, Irvine as atto. for Grubb to Dr. Jack and Jack to the Thompsons whose attorney McCall is - The papers on the other side are the Deed from Scott the marshall of Virginia to Dorman & McCleland to be found in the General court & the other [deeds?] in this county - The compromise between McCall as attorney for Thompson & Maybury was made by Genl Dorman and if there was any writing, it must be in his possession, as nothing of the kind has been filed - I have quoted the language of the agreement between McKee & Maybury for 7500 acres land mostly in Rockbridge. from which it would seem that there are 2500 of Grubbs survey to which Bryan