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Letter of John Thornton, 1757 Oct. 29.

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Honble. Sir Agreeable to your honours instruction have made out a few complaints against Colo. John Spotswood in the following manner 1st Colo. Spotswood hath given a Captain’s comission to Thomas Estis a person return’d by the collector. Insolvent for his levy 2d The sd. Spotswood hath likewise given a Captains comission to Aaron Bledsoe. a person that has neither land or slave in the county and tho’ he has lived for three years in Spotsylvania in all that time hath followed no just calling or so much as given in his tyth. 3d The sd. Spotswood hath fill’d up a Majors comission for Mr. Cha. Lewis who’ has qualifyed to the same when there was no vacancy in the county for such an officer 4th The sd. Spotswood hath also fill’d up a Colonels comission for Mr. Benja. Pendleton. a person who’ I have no objection to his character, excepting he has no estate in the county and keeps an ordinary when there are many gent. in the county of good estates that never had any of the above commissions offered them 5th That the sd. Colo. Spotswood gets often in liqour and acts much out of charactor which is notoriously known and perticularly at the musters and twice when the militia was draughted for marching to Winchester he put every thing into the greatest disorder and confusion by abusing both officers and soldiers with the most scandelouse language when I believe every one did their utmost to conform to his /uncommon/ directions as must have appear’d to all then present. The march of the militia to Winchester was greatly retarded thereby and I am confident if the above complaints are not enough to remove the sd. gent. from his comission /to the speedy relief of a much injured people/ I can bring undoubted authority not only to prove the above facts but sundry others which must appear to the discredit of that gent. This sir. I have done as knowing the militia to be greatly injured and at their request who’ would scarce be restrained from