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Letter of John Thornton, 1757 Oct. 29.

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Sending your honour a petition. and I humbly beg in their behalf you will be pleased to remove the cause of their just complaint. and before I conclude must desire your honour will not take it amiss when I inform you that Mr. Fielding Lewis is a gent. of fortune and character in that county and much esteem’d by the people who’ I make no doubt would readily exert themselves under such a gent. in case of a sudden call to the defense of our frontier I am sir Your Honour’s Most Obediant Hble. Servt. Jon. Thornton Wmsburg Octobr. 29th. 1757 P.S. As some other commissions may be given out unknown to your honour. shall here insert all the field officers names in the county. Vizz. John Spotswood Esqr. County Lieunt. Jon. Thornton. Colo. in Spotsylvania Richd. Tutt- Jo. Rice Curtis- Jo. William Lynn. Major Benja. Pendleton. Major Charles Lewis- Jo. Capt. John Graine.- N. B a proper man Capt. Wm. Miller- . Capt. Bledsoe.- Capt. Estis- Capt. Allan. -. N. B a fitt man Mr. Lewis Willis was apt. for the town but he gave his comission to Colo. Spotswood rather than serve with such officers as Bledsoe and Estis