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Journal of John Echols, 1758 Oct. 26.

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3 upon that we began to get in readyness to persue them next morning but one of our men not coming in that night disappointed us Next morning being fryday the 10th Inst some of the men were sent to look for the man that was lost & the rest remaind there for we counted it imprudent to leave the place before we knew what had become of the lost man so we tarryed there till the day was so far spent that we could not make any thing of a march that day so the Capt said that he & some more men would go to view the sign & see what they could discover the Capt & Wm Hall & Adam [hermon?] & 2 or 3 mor went off & Lef the men under my command and ordered that we should be in readyness for a march as soon as he returnd Soon after the Captain was gone the man that was lost came in & informd us that he had Been Laust in a Crook of the Little River But when the Capt Came to the place where the sign was seen he tell us that he saw a shew track among them which causd them to believe that it had been white men after their horses so the Capt Nor none of the men that was with him returnd that Night but went a hunting Next morning being Saterday the 19th Inst the Capt not coming gave us a Great Deal of uneasyness tho we bor it with as much patience as we could till about noon for we lay under great aprehensions of Danger I orderd the men to keep a Verry Sharp Look out and Likewise to Be in order to march Next morning by sunrise. I was Determined to say that night & the Capt Did not come To March off after him Soon after we had come to a conclusion about it some of the men spyed 5 Indians very near to us for the place where we was was Grown up with weeds so that we could not se them nor they see us till they came verry near I was a lying down in the house when I heard the News