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Alfred: Freedom Suit, Amelia County

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    I acquired possession by purchase of Mary in Jul 1837 & Alfred in January 1839.
    Question 6. Are the plffs Lucy & Matt children of the said Mary and were they born since the said Mary was given to you as aforesaid.   Answer: Lucy & Matt are children of Mary & were born since I have owned their mother  Mary was not given to me
    Question 7 How old are the plffs Alford & Mary. Mary was about 7 years old in 1837 & Alfred was about Eighteen months old when I received him in Jany 1839.
    Question Are are the plffs Lucy & Matt now in your possession under a claim of ownership & have they been in your possession since they were born?  Answer: They are & have been since their birth
     Question 9 What has been the the annual value of the said negroes Alford & Mary Lucy & Matt for the last five years & for the last two years   Answer:  

[right page] Question 10 Are the plffs Alfred & Mary their two children Lucy & Matt descended in the maternal line that is through their mothers grandmother & from the woman Rachael named or mentioned and liberated or attempted to be liberated in the deed of Emancipation made by Jordan Anderson the Elder the father of the said Jordan Anderson your grandfather of date of the 7th day of April 1790 and acknowledged by said Jordan Anderson the elder at a Court held for the county of Chesterfield aforesaid on the 8th of April 1790 and ordered to be recorded and also mentioned in the will of said Jordan Anderson the Elder of date the 1st of January 1805. And are they & have they always been generally and invariably by all persons in the family of your mother & of your grandfather Jordan Anderson the younger reputed to be so descended and if so through mothers & grandmothers of what names are they so reported & believed to be so descended from said Rachael Answer Lucy & Matt I know to be the children of Mary, I have been told by my grandfather & probably by my mother & have no doubt