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Alfred: Freedom Suit, Amelia County

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[Far Left Side of Page] D He said in 1811 that he did not believe that Isbell was entitled to her freedom. Milly was 20 odd years old in 1811. Milly had children as report said. Pattie I understood was dead in 1811. I lived in a mile & a half of Jordan [illegible] to his [illegible] to his father's places. Racheal was in the possession of J. before the death of J the Elder - when I was a small boy I knew her 8 or 10 years before the Elder J died. I don't know of but one being sold - Jordan said his father had loaned them to him Racheal was 30 to 35 years old when I first knew her. In 1812 I was requested to visit JA by the church he said Racheal & her children belonged to him by right of possession he said he claimed her from quiet possession & that his father had originally loaned her to him Cole says [illegible] died 15 to 20 years ago.

JA & his wife died 1805 & in about a week of each other - don't know which died first. Rachel ran away in 1812 & went to Branch The time Rachel run away in 1806 was the time he spoke of her having been to [illegible] In 1817 when I went to see him he said he had brought Isbell back in order to show that if she were entitled to freedom she might. I cannot remember what was said about - JA never spoke of his title to Rachael except on the 2 occasions. Tom Anderson was 10 or 15 years younger than witness. 1811 [44, 59:] Tom Anderson moved to Sussex after I was married which was in 1811 - some 2 or 3 years: [illegible] Ex. It was after Tom Anderson died that Isbell was brought back & after that conversation occured. Tom Anderson was going to school when I was married in 1811. It was after the death of Tom Tom Anderson - died in 1815. Isbell

Rachel ran away soon after J the elders death. Joshua Cole: Have known JA ever since I was a boy. I am about 50 I lived in a mile of J jr know none of his negroes knew Milley & some of her children, she was middled aged; but couldn't say when - she did not live with JA at his death. I know Bettys sister Milly & MIlly Jac & Oronge are children of Milly - Betty had two children, Simon & Mathias Simon is dead & Mathias also I think [illegible] Peggy is child Isbell who was sister of Milly Nelson child of Isbell Sylvia but don't whose child - Aggy has 3 child [Coralone?] & Edmond one other. [Sylvia?] don't knoew her children Rachel Sarah know Isbell is an old woman

don't know who was the mother of Milly Betty & Isbell Rachael was reported to be. Lydia was not considered all the rest were [refuted?] to be the descendants of Rachael. Tom Anderson died 25 to 30 years ago. When I first remember him he was married 9 or ten when I went to Tom Andersons x A Sims [illegible line]