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Alice: Freedom Suit, Arlington County

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his house in Virginia to see him. That whilst there he informed said Edelen that the girl was in jail in Washington & that unless something was done she would probably be sold out for her jail fees. Samuel Edelen then [correctly?] requested this deponent to go to Washington and procure the discharge of the said girl, as she was free. he expressly stated that he had set her free & given her, her papers. This deponent told him that perhaps it would be necessary to show some authority for taking her out, as this deponent had understood she had lost her papers, he replied that was of no consequence as he had set her free, & now had no claim to her, his telling this deponent so would be sufficient. At the same time said Edelen appeared very desirous of keeping the subject concealed from the knowledge of this woman who lives with him as his wife. he particularly requested this deponent not to mention it to her. This deponent was then paying said Edelen a sum of money for a man in Maryland, & he desired this deponent to retain six dollars for the purpose of paying expenses & getting said girl set at liberty. and he accordingly did so. afterwards it so happened that this deponent could not make it convenient to go to Washington, & said Edelen has since drawn upon him for the said sum of six dollars. This deponent further states that the said Samuel Edelen said he would himself go to Washington to obtain her discharge but that he was so much in difficulties with those who were suing him etc that he was afraid he should be arrested by the way. Jn B. Edelen

District of Columbia Alexandria County to wit. John B. Edelen made oath before me a Justice of the Peace for this County to the truth of the several matters and facts as stated in the foregoing deposition on his own knowledge, and he believes the same to be true, as far they are stated on the information of others. Given under my hand this 17th day of April 1820. N. S. [Wise?]