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Bob: Freedom Suit, Arlington County

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To the court of the county of Alexandria Sep rules The petition of Bob a man of colour respectfully represents that he is illegally detained as a slave in the said county in the possession of J C McCracken who hires him of Silas Hutchinson administrator of the estate of Mary Anne Hutchinson late of Fairfax County state of Virginia. The material facts of the case are as follows, the will of the said Mary Anne Hutchinson admitted to probate in the County of Fairfax, at a court held for that county on the 21st day of April 1845, & now on record in the clerks office of the county court of that county a copy of which is shewn herewith, contains the following language in clause nine of said will, "My wish is that my servants Daniel & Bob shall be free immediately after my decease but under the entire control of my nephews G W & T M Shurman to stand as guardian for them" The said G M Shurman and Thomas M Shurman & Corbin F Hancock having refused to qualify as Executors of said will as by said will so appointed, Silas Hutchinson was appointed administrator thereof, & as such has [hired?] out said Bob to date. Upon these facts your petitioner concurs that he had good cause of action against the said J C McCracken and Silas Hutchinson of Fairfax. And he prays the court to assign him counsel to prosecute his suit and to take such further orders as in the premises may be right & proper. Bob X his mark

Alex County to wit. This day Bob personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace for the said county, and made oath that he verily believes the foregoing petition states truly the material facts of the case. Give under my hand this [5th?] September 1853