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Bob: Freedom Suit, Arlington County

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find for the Plaintiff upon this said issue & that he is free and assess the damages for his detention at the Sum of Twenty Dollars. But if, on the whole matter aforesaid, it shall seem to the Court, that the issue is for the defendant then, we the jury find for the defendant and that the plaintiff is not free. W H McKnight Formn. [Foremen]

Copy of bill, referred to in foregoing verdict: "In the name of God. Amen. I, Mary Ann Hutchinson of this County of Fairfax and state of Virginia being in as good health as usual and of sound mind & memory do make & constitute this my first and only will and testament by me made in the following manner. Firstly. it is my wish that funeral expenses & all my just debts shall be paid as soon after my death as practicable by my hereafter named Executor or Executors. Secondly. I will to my nephew John Shurman, my negro man Dick for the space of five years; after which time bring expired in his Service it is my desire that he shall be free. Thirdly. I will to my nephew George W Shurman my boy [illegible] Slave for life. Fourthly. I will to Thomas M. Shurman my nephew my boy [Rebu?] Slave for life. Fifthly. I will to my neice Mary Shurman, [Mantra?] and her child Stephen together with her future increase as Slaves for life. Sixthly. I will to my neice Francis Shurman my slave Radue and her children May together

with their future increase, as Slaves for life. Seventhly. I will to my niece Elizabeth Shurman Sophia and her child John together with her future increase as Slaves for life. Eighthly. I will to George & Thomas M. Shurman, in [hand?] for the Entire use and benefit of my niece Alice Jennings my Slave Silas and after her death to be sold and equally divided between her children. Ninthly. My wish is that my Servants Daniel & Bob shall be free immediately after my death, but under the Entire Control of my nephews G. W. & F. M. Shurman to stand as guardian for them. Tenthly. I wish all the residue of the property that I may [own?] [illegible] and possessed of to be sold by the hereafter named Executor or Executors out of which all my [part?] are to be paid & the balance shall be equally divided among all the negroes that I shall [own?] [desired? devised?] & possessed of. N. B. It is my particular desire that the Servants herein bequeathed shall be kept as much in the respective families as possible to whom they are given. Lastly. I hereby appoint and constitute my nephew Roger W. Shurman and Thomas M Shurman & Corbin F. Hancock or either of them Executor or Executors of this my will. Given under my hand & seal this 10th day of October 1841[.] Mary Ann Huchinson her X mark (Seal) Signed & sealed & acknowledged in presence of G Hancock Thomas Settle Nelson Settle